Do you work at a large company where everyone is itching to get into the game? We can help!

The NYCVL currently organizes and runs intramural leagues for several large firms in the city. You choose the gym(s) & the night and we supply the referees, electronic score clock, scorekeeper, schedule and more. Call or e-mail the League office for further information.


The League keeps its facilities available to member companies for "one time" intra-company matches, occasional rentals or seasonal scrimmage packages. Call or e-mail the League office for more information about our fall program.


The New York Co-Ed Corporate Volleyball League and its sister league The Lawyers Co-Ed Volleyball League, now in its 21th season, is a great recreational activity for the whole company. In addition to competitive volleyball, there is a relaxed social aspect to the League which fosters great team camaraderie. The League, which is divided in to competitively balanced divisions so that all levels of play are accommodated, features two seasons - Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Year round practice time is also made available .

Custom-crafted schedules...The League will schedule around any and all of your team's conflicts. Let us know whether (1) your team wants same-night play, (2) cannot run on a particular day of the week or specific dates due to firm outings, etc. and (3) what time of the evening your team prefers.

Teams choose where in NYC they want to play...We have gyms conveniently located all over Manhattan - the East Side, West Side, Uptown, Downtown and even on Wall Street.

All levels of play...With a lot of interplay with The Lawyers Volleyball League, we can find the right level of competition for you. Pre-season scrimmages assist in determining skill and "personality" of team to ensure its placement in exactly the appropriate division.

Quality officials...Every League game is officiated by two veteran referees who not only know the rules but also care about your games.

The NYCVL is affiliated with the Lawyers Basketball League, now in its 36th season.