(1) Call the League office between 12:30 and 2:00PM for announcement as to whether the League has adjudged the weather to be sufficiently inclement to declare it a "storm/snow day".

(2) Even though a "storm/snow day" is declared, gyms will remain open, referees will be in place, and teams will be encouraged to make their games. Postponements are NOT possible.

(3) However, on "storm/snow days", teams do have the option whether to play. Teams that do not wish to play may be awarded a "no contest" (as opposed to a forfeit) by notifying their opponent and the League office no later than 3:00PM on game day. Teams that do not give such notice by 3:00PM and do not show will be assessed a forfeit. In any event, the games will not be rescheduled for a later date.

(4) All the teams that wish to play (as well as opponents of teams who have forfeited that wish to scrimmage) should call the League office no later than 4:00PM to be advised of any location or time changes. The League may consolidate games and scrimmages into the most accessible gym locations.