New York Corporate Volleyball League

-Rules of Play-

House Rules
Any and all special rules of play that are required by virtue of the unique architecture and facilities of each gymnasium are to be determined and resolved by the team captains in conjunction with the referee at the beginning of the game. Such "House Rules" are not binding on any other team or for any other subsequent games played at the respective gymnasium.


Except as provided herein, official United States Volleyball Association rules shall govern play.

No more than six players may be on the court at any one time. Teams can opt to use four or five players regardless of how many players are present for the game.


In order to reduce the possibility of forfeits, during the regular season, teams will be permitted to play with as few as four or five players.

Substitutions are permitted at any position on the court so long as the opposing team has not been unduly disadvantaged in the referee's judgment.

No more than four (4) male players are permitted on the court at any time.

A team may participate with as few as four (4) players so long as one of the players is a woman.

SCORING: For the regular season only, and time permitting, a match will consist of three (3) 15 point games. All games must be won by two points with a maximum of 21. Furthermore, the referees have the discretion, at any point in the final game, to call for "sudden death" due to time constraints; after which, each team is given an opportunity to complete its last and final service. The team which has reached 15, or is ahead by one or more points upon completion of its final service, wins the game.

In gyms where matches are scheduled on adjacent courts and:

One of the four teams forfeits, the three remaining teams will rotate opponents on adjacent courts ("round robin"), with each team playing one game against the other two, or if:

Two teams of the four teams forfeit, then the two remaining teams will play a complete match.

STANDINGS: For purposes of scoring and standings, the following rules will pertain:

STANDARD MATCH - One point will be awarded for each game won.

ROUND ROBIN - In matches where three teams rotate opponents due to the forfeiture of a fourth team, each team will receive one point for each game won. All participating teams in the Round Robin will receive no less than two points.

FORFEITS - A forfeiting team will receive a two (2) point deduction in the standings. The surviving team will automatically receive two (2) points. To receive additional points, such team must participate in a round robin, if possible, to earn such points on the court. If a round robin is not possible, the surviving team will receive (4) points.

DOUBLE FORFEITS - In matches where two of the four teams scheduled on adjacent courts forfeit, the two remaining teams will play a standard match; however, each team will receive no less than two points.

Each team will be permitted two 30-second timeouts per game. Teams do not have to be in possession to call time out.

Teams must have three (3) roster members in uniform and ready to commence play within ten (10) minutes of the designated starting time or the first game is forfeited. After twenty (20) minutes the second game and match is forfeited.

The referee has authority and control over all aspects of the game, as defined by USVBA rules, as well as all supervisory functions at the gymnasium. The referee has the authority to declare games a "forfeit" or "no contest" and award standings points accordingly. Referees will be given wide discretion in enforcement and interpretation of rules (particularly as to "carries", "spikes", "attack lines", etc.).

Referees' decisions, even if in error, are not protestable; however, errors of judgment, misinterpretation of rules or misconduct by referees should be brought to the attention of the League, which will take appropriate action administratively.

Protests based on factors other than a referee's decision or conduct, should be made in writing to the League office. A favorable ruling on a protest will result in the protesting team being awarded a victory or a "no contest". Matches will not be replayed unless the League determines that unusual circumstances dictate its replaying and the League is reimbursed the costs of such additional game.

All teams must have jerseys of the same color and style, bearing the League logo (unless waived with good cause). Non-athletic attire is not permitted. A penalty of one point per game will be awarded to the offending team's opponent for each player who participates in a game out of uniform.

 Each team participating shall, prior to the season's commencement, submit to the League Office a roster listing all persons who may play for such team.

B. Roster members need not work for their sponsors; however, all roster members must be working in a professional capacity in the Tri-state area.

C. Each such person, as a condition to participating, must have first executed and submitted to the League Office the standard waiver form provided by the Office.

D. Additions to rosters are permitted only in the discretion of the League.

E. A player must have participated in at least three (3) regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs.

The Commissioners retain the discretion to waive any of the foregoing eligibility requirements or to bar participation by any person in specific instances if they determine that the best interests of the League will be served.

The commissioners retain the right to suspend or expel from future participation in the League, any player whose conduct is unsportsmanlike, inflammatory or tends to reflect unfavorably on the New York Corporate Volleyball League or its participating firms.

Ejection from a game by an official will result in an automatic three game suspension. Ejection from two (2) or more games may result in expulsion from the League.

No postponements will be permitted for any reason; however, teams may, on their own initiative, rearrange games with the mutual consent of all teams involved, and with the final approval of the League office.