New York Corporate Soccer League

-Rules of Play-

Soccer League Rules

  • 5v5, keeper included
  • Minimum 4 players needed to start the game (3+1 goal keeper is ok to start). If a team cannot field 4 players to start the game, they must forfeit
  • All Counselor divisions and Barrister-CoEd division requires 1 woman player in the game all the time. If teams in these divisions do not have a female player, they have to play a man down.
  • A team can obtain a player from other divisions, if only they have less than 4 players. (If a team wants get a player from the samedivision, the opponent has to approve this request)

Proper Attire:

  • League shirts, turf or flat sole soccer shoes (sneakers are ok), shorts and shin pads are recommended. (If a player is in a game without proper gears, game official may ask him to step out. The player may not enter back in the game until proper attire is satisfied)
  • Players should not carry any jewelry during the game(no watches)
  • Players are not allowed to wear GoPro camera or any kind of electronic device that may cause an injury.

Game rules:

  • Size 4 soccer ball is used for Corporate Soccer League. Every team has to bring their own ball to the game and the ref will choose the best ball to start the game.(Always choose the Low bounce ball)
  • From a kickoff, the ball must be played backward midfield at the start of the game.
  • There is no offside
  • There is no pass back rule. The keeper is allowed to pick up the ball when his teammate passes the ball back. The keeper cannot drop the ball off his hands and pick the ball again in the same play. If such action takes place, the referee should call indirect kick.
  • Goal kicks are indirect. And keeper can throw the ball during goal kick (Goal kick: Keeper can kick in or throw.)
  • Free kicks can be direct or indirect. The referee will determent the kick and informs the players before the kick.
  •  If the ball hits the ceiling, the ball is considered out of bounds so the call should be kick in on the sideline. If the ball hits the basketball backboard, the call should be either a goal kick or corner kick depends on the play.
  • When the ball goes out over the sideline, a kick-in takes place. The ball must be placed stationary on the sideline and kicked in(no throw-in). All opposing players must be at least 2 steps from the ball. All kick-ins are indirect.
  • A goal CANNOT be scored directly from a kick in unless it touches another player.
  • For a ball to be out of play or a goal scored, ‘ALL’ of the ball must be over ‘ALL’ of the line.
  • There is a 4 second time limit at kick-ins, corner kicks, free kicks and goal kicks. If a goalkeeper try to waste time by holding the ball in his hand during the kick-ins, especially during goal kicks, count to 4(loud)and if the goalkeeper still has the ball, a call should be kick-in on the side line(in the middle) favoring the opposing team.
  • A goalkeeper CANNOT dribble off the goal kick. He has to kick-in or throw-in the ball in 4 seconds.
  • Players are not allowed to play at the ball while on the ground, except for the goalkeeper who can only do so within the goal ‘D’. If a player touches the ball on the ground, the call should be indirect kick.
  • No Slide Tackles, no aggressive reckless play.
  • Yellow card is the first warning. There is no penalty for a yellow card. The second yellow card is considered a RED Card which will automatically suspend a player from the game with risk of league expulsion.
  • Red card is used to punish the player; the team does not have to play man down. If they have a substitution on the side, they can replace another player in to the game. The referee may ask the player to leave the gym if he thinks that the player causes more problems on the sideline even after he received the red card.
  • Substitutions are unlimited on a fly. The game has to be stopped only if the goalkeeper is changing.
  • All penalty kicks are taken with 1 step.
  • In a regular season, at the end of regulation time, if the score is tie, it will record as DRAW with each team receiving a point.
  • Dangerous play is NOT allowed. High kicks, slide tackles etc.
  • The game is played between the basketball lines. There is no off the wall play.
  • Referees decisions are final & binding as no protest allowed after game