New York Corporate Basketball League

-Rules of Play-

I. House Rules
The official(s) shall determine and advise the team captains of any special rules of play that may be required by virtue of unique architecture of the facility prior to a game. Such "house rules" shall be binding only as to the specific game then being played and may be altered as to any subsequent game, whether or not involving either team then participating or those officials.

II. NCAA Rules to Apply
NCAA rules shall govern all play except as provided herein or as determined by the officials in their discretion in light of special circumstances that occur.

III. Commencement and Duration of Game
A. All games shall be played within a time period of approximately one hour and ten minutes. Except as noted herein, the game clock shall start no later than five (5) minutes after the scheduled starting time even though the actual game may not yet have commenced. A team that does not have the requisite number of players (four) within ten (10) minutes of the designated starting time will be charged with a forfeit and all sanctions applicable there to shall apply. Should both teams be in default, the game shall be declared a "double-forfeit".

Exception: In instances where gym time is reduced due to unforeseen circumstances not in control of the League (e.g. late running school activities, inclement weather, lighting or other structural problems in the gym), the referees may, in his discretion, after notification to team captains, constrict the length of games in such way as to ensure a fair allocation of play for all teams scheduled that night.

B. A team shall be allowed to commence and play a game with four players if a fifth is not available. However, should such team fall behind at any time by twenty (20) points, the game will be declared a forfeit. Such "mercy rule" does not apply when both teams are utilizing four players.A team with five or more players can elect to start and play 4-on-4. Such team can insert its fifth player at any point during the game.

C. Except as provided in subsection E below, a game shall consist of two twenty-five minute halves and a five-minute intermission between halves (provided that the second half may commence sooner in the referee's discretion if both teams are ready to play or exceptional circumstances exist). The first twenty-four minutes of the first half and the first twenty-three minutes of the second half shall be played without stopping the clock for any reason other than an officially-charged time-out. During the balance of each half, the clock shall be stopped on all whistles.

D. If play is interrupted by an injury to a player or the loss of a contact lens, the referee may, in his discretion, stop the clock but in that event shall assess a time-out to the team responsible for the delay in play.

E. If a team leads by thirteen (13) or more points at any point during the last two (2) minutes of the second half, the remainder of the game will be played as running time. However, should this lead fall under thirteen (13) points, the game will return to stopped time.

F. In the event of a tie at the end of the second half, an overtime period of three minutes shall be played during which the clock shall be stopped on all whistles. If, at the end of the overtime period, the score is still tied, the first team to score one (1) point shall be awarded the victory (sudden death).

G. Each team shall be allowed three one-minute time-outs per game plus one additional time-out during the first overtime period only. No time-out shall be permitted after the first overtime period.

IV. Three-Point Goals
The three-point goal shall be used in all facilities equipped with a three-point line, subject to the discretion of the officials.

V. Fouls and Free Throws
A. A player shall be disqualified upon committing his sixth foul of any type (including technical fouls), or his second technical foul. Any flagrant, unsportsmanlike foul shall result in two free throws, automatic ejection and loss of possession.

B. A player disqualified as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct shall promptly leave the vicinity of the gymnasium. His failure to do so shall result in automatic forfeiture by his team, in addition to disciplinary action against the player and/or his team pursuant to Article XIV below.

C. If there is no available substitute for a player disqualified on fouls (either because of a shortage of roster players at the game or because of previous disqualifications or injuries to other players), then such team shall have the choice, with the approval of the referee, to continue playing with five players including that player who has just committed his sixth foul (provided that such player has not been charged with any technical foul), or to play with only four players. Such election must be made at the time the fifth player commits his sixth foul. If the team elects to continue playing with five players, in addition to the normal penalty, a technical foul shall be assessed against that team (but not on a player or coach) on each subsequent foul committed by such player, and the penalty for such technical foul shall be two free throws plus possession of the basketball following any free throws attributed to the personal foul. The choice of whether to proceed with the disqualified player or with four players shall apply after each such subsequent foul by that player.

D. Free throws shall be awarded as under NCAA Rules, except that if an official determines, in his discretion, that a foul was committed intentionally or recklessly, with obvious risk of physical harm, the official may assess, in addition to the normal penalty, a technical foul against the player.

E. The recording of individual fouls may be waived upon agreement by both team captains and the officials. In such cases, the officials retain the right to disqualify a player if such player has, in their opinion, committed an excessive number of fouls.

VI. Substitutions
Substitutions may be made following whistles in accordance with NCAA Rules but only after the substitute has sought permission to enter the game and has been "waived in" by an official.

VII. Forfeits
A. If a team knows it will forfeit in advance of a game, it shall notify the opposing team captain and the League Office. The League will consider forfeits in determining whether to extend an invitation to participate in the playoffs.

B. Notwithstanding that a forfeit or double-forfeit shall be treated as such for standings purpose, the game may proceed as an officiated game if eligible substitute players (i.e. individuals on any other team roster, including the opponent's team, or individuals who have been cleared with the League Office) can be located.

VIII. Postponements
No postponements will be permitted for any reason. However, teams may, on their own initiative, rearrange games with the mutual consent of all teams involved and with final approval of the League Office.

IX. Officials and Protests
The officials have authority and control over all aspects of the game, as defined by the NCAA Rules, as well as over all supervisory functions at the gymnasium. The referee has the discretion of declaring games a "no contest" or a "forfeit", as defined by the NCAA Rules and the League Rules, above. Officials' decisions, even if in error, are not protes le. However, alleged errors of judgment, misinterpretation of rules or misconduct by officials should be brought to the attention of the League, which will take appropriate action administratively. Protests that are based on factors other than an official's decision or conduct should be made in writing to the League office. A favorable ruling on a protest will result in the protesting team being awarded a victory or the game being declared a "no contest". Games will not be replayed unless the Commissioners determine that unusual circumstances so dictate and the League is reimbursed the costs of such additional game.

X. Equipment
A. Each team will be responsible for having the following:

(1) A top-quality leather indoor basketball.

(2) A copy of the League rules.

(3) Numbered jerseys of the same style and color containing team name, the League logo and legal numbers on each side (unless waived by the League office upon good cause). A technical foul will be assessed for each player who wishes to compete with a ineligible uniform (absent such a waiver). If T-shirts are worn under sleeveless jerseys, such T-shirts must be of the same color.

B. In games where an official league scorekeepers is not present, the officials shall designate one team to keep score. If only one of the teams has a scorekeeper who can keep score for the entire game, that team shall be so designated. Otherwise, the designation shall be according to the officials' discretion. The team that has not been designated to keep score shall be responsible to appoint one or more individuals to monitor the scorekeeping, and its failure to do so shall preclude any protest based upon the accuracy of the scorekeeping.

XI. Rosters and Eligibility
A. Each team participating shall, prior to the season's commencement, submit to the League Office a roster listing all persons who may play for such team.

B. Roster members need not work for their sponsors; however, all roster members must be a college graduate to participate.

C. Each such person, as a condition to participating, must have first executed and submitted to the League Office the standard waiver form provided by the Office.

D. Additions to rosters are permitted only in the discretion of the League. Such roster changes must be made by the date specified by the League.

E. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, players must appear on the team's final roster and participate in at least three (3) regular season games. Players will be required to show photo identification prior to participating in any playoff game.

The Commissioners retain the discretion to waive any of the foregoing eligibility requirements or to bar participation by any person in specific instances if they determine that the best interests of the League will be served.

XII. Unsportsmanlike Conduct
The Commissioners retain the right to suspend or expel from future participation in the League any player whose conduct is unsportsmanlike, inflammatory, or tends to reflect unfavorably on the New York Corporate Basketball League or its member, and to take such additional action against his team as may be appropriate. Ejection from two games for these or similar reasons during the course of any season shall result in automatic disqualification.

XIII. Other Matters
Failures of referees to show up and other pertinent matters, should be reported to the League Office.