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A note from Commissioner Steve Frenchman:

The Playoffs begin the week of November 6th. Brackets (complete with date, time, gym and opponent) can be accessed by clicking on your division in the column to the right. Scores will be updated on the brackets following each game. 

Some teams and divisions might play twice in one week. Players who play on more than one team might well have conflicts; nevertheless, once the playoff committee sets the schedule, even if there are inequities or conflicts, no postponements will be permitted.To be fair to everyone, playoffs are scheduled "blindly", without regard to individual teams scheduling preferences.

For purposes of playoff seedings, we added back all points that were deducted as a result of forfeit penalties, revised the standings accordingly and then created the seedings in the usual manner i.e. 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 etc. In so doing, teams were seeded more closely to their respective strength and we hope, more fairly. Please note numbers following each team's name in the pairings reflect the revised point totals upon which the seedings were based.

The playoffs always bring heightened intensity and competition, so the League must restate and enforce its standards of conduct and rules regarding eligibility. Please review our policies in these areas and call the office if you have any questions regarding a player's eligibility. Also don't forget the rule which requires a player to have played in at least three (3) regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. This is not the time to bring in "ringers."

If we find that a team has intentionally manipulated or broken League rules, we will have to rule against you to maintain the integrity of the playoffs. Penalties can include forfeited games and even permanent barring of players and teams from the League. Don't embarrass your team, your firm, and the League. All of us want the players to decide the outcome of the game, not the League!


Steve Frenchman

Steve Stein
Associate Commissioner

Bernard Bowen
Head Referee




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